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Please see our most commonly asked qustions below. Don't forget to get in touch if you're question is not listed below.

How many dogs can I take with me?

Sessions are priced from three to up to six dogs. They can all be your dogs, or a mix of yours and those belonging or in the care of friends/family.

Over six dogs? We can accomadate more than six dogs but we need to speak with you first, drop us a message and can make arrangements.

When bringing together dogs who do not live together, they must be social and able to interact with each other to ensure safety and to minimise any adverse behaviours. 

Is my booking just for me?

Yes, you will not be sharing the facility with others, unless you have chosen to share a booking with friends or family.

What about banned breeds?

All dogs are welcome at Scentral Bark. However there are some conditions set out by our insurance provider and the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 that must be met when attending Scentral Bark with any banned breed. Please see the dedicated section in our Terms and Conditions.

Is the park suitable for small dogs?

Yes! We have 6 foot deer fencing with the lower half also covered in rabbit netting for our smaller visitors.

The rabbit netting is also pinned into the ground to help prevent digging/squeezing under.  Gates have gaps netted/barriered.

Can I take my puppy?

Yes, following the advice of your vet, you will be able to visit once your puppy is safe to be in a public place.

How many cars can fit in the car park?

We have a large hard standing car park at 50x15m which can easily accommodate 8 large cars.

How do I access the field?

Car Park Access
Accesing the car park is via the main gate, there is no code required. We ask that you keep this gate closed at all times.

Main Field Access
Upon booking you will receive an email with your gate access code. Enter this code into the numeric bolt. Do not share this code with anyone else.  

Is there seating?

Yes, there are seats and a table inside the shelter, and also a picnic bench in the park.

What is there inside the park?

There is various sizes of tyre tunnels, herb planters, sand pits, platforms, podiums, a meadow, straw maze, agility equipment, dog toys, scurry and training area.

There will be a range of small toys and we supply water and bowls.

Can I take my trainer with me?

 Yes! Absolutely, just let us know in advance.

Can the park be hired out for more than an hour e.g. day bookings?

Yes, Just contact us to discuss your plans. We can even arrange catering through a range of lovely local suppliers!

Can the park be hired for litter meets/ birthday parties?

Yes, Just contact us to discuss your plans.

Is there shelter in case of bad weather?

Aberdeenshire is known for it's changing weather! Thankfully we have a shelter with seating for the differing weather!

Is the park accessible?

For people with mobility issues, parking is available right in front of the field access gate.


The carpark is hardcore and a small entrance gate opens towards you to allow for any for a wheelchair or buggy access up onto our paving stone ramp which leads directly to the shelter.

Sounds great, how do I book?

All bookings are done online via our website here. Please contact us for anything specific we haven't covered.

Where are you?

We are at located just outsdide Udny Station:

  • Thistlyhill,

  • Udny Station,

  • AB41 6QN

See our getting here page for more details.​

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